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Setting up Postback URL

Integrating a network’s offers with another using the different software is quite a tough task. But since Trackier has great customer success managers it has becomes easy to integrate network.  Different software has different tokens to pass.
In this article, we will learn to integrate Trackier with networks which are using Hasoffers as a tracking platform.
In general, there are two ways the systems could be set up:

  1. You deploy the offer from another network (you are their affiliate)
  2. They deploy the offer from you (they are your affiliate)

You Are Their Affiliate

First, set up the offer using the Server Postback with click_id tracking protocol, using the tracking link from their platform. Your default offer URL field should look something like this:{click_id}

Then, give them the global postback URL from your platform, which looks similar to this:{aff_sub}&security_token=SECURITY_TOKEN

Once they place this in their platform, the offer should be ready for testing.

They Are Your Affiliate

If the network using Hasoffers wants to deploy one of your offers, they first need to add your affiliate tracking link as their default offer URL. Here’s how it should look in their platform:{transaction_id}

Next, they need to update server postback to their list of URLs (Publisher Account >> Select events, type and enter Callback >> click on save callback). Their postback should look something like this:{p1}

Auto-Importing Campaigns from Hasoffers in Trackier Panel.

Start by importing data from your Hasoffers to Trackier. Click on Integration. Then click on Add New option.


Then select Hasoffers from the options given.


  • Advertiser: Select the Advertiser, whose campaign you are importing. If you are working as a company then you can add an Advertiser of yourself and can import selecting yourself.
  • API Key: Enter the API Key of your network. To get the API from the Hasoffers Panel you need to follow the below: 

1. Click on APIs from the Tools menu on the left side menu.
2. Click on Request APIs Key.

API from the Hasoffers Panel


  • Network Id: Enter your Network Id here.
  • Append to URL:  If you want to add parameters to your URL then you can add it from here.
  • Category: You can select a particular category of offer should be fetched.
  • Import Offer status: You select from Active/Pending/Paused.
  • Import Frequency: Frequency at which offer should be fetched or updated.
  • Ratio of Payout/Revenue: Enter the Payout/Revenue, so that our revenue can sense the ratio and autofill the Revenue and Payout column. Here Revenue is the payout given by Hasoffers.
    Eg: If Revenue: $2 and Payout: $1.8 the here Ratio => 0.9

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