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With our adjust stats tool, you and your team can modify Conversion stats in your network in the event that you need to make changes to the number of conversions for your network. This way you can manage the overall payout for partners on CPA/CPS, CPC, and CPM offers, or adjust conversion so they can match another network stats. With the adjust stats tool, you can add or remove any number of conversion, and adjust payout accordingly.

Any added or removed Adjust Stats will be updated on Custome Report only.

Adding Conversion Via Adjust Stats

Go to Integration > Adjust stats

Here you can select the required field and save the stats and it will be updated in the report

  • Type You can select the type of adjustment to be made.
  • Date For which date Adjustment to be made.
  • Publisher For which publisher stats need to be updated.
  • Campaign For which Campaign stats need to be updated.
  • Action you can select from Add or Remove.
  • Quantity Number of conversion needs to be added/removed.
  • Payout You can update the payout amount.
  • Revenue You can update the Revenue amount.

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