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This KB helps you to figure out an issue when Conversion is not tracked on Your panel but it does track on Advertiser panel.

Debug Advertiser Postback

You can Access this in 2 ways.

  • At Campaign Info page click on Advertiser name > Click on Debug Postback option.

  • Click on Advertiser for Side menu > Debug Postback.

Error Message And Possible Solution

In this section, you can check the Error message appears in the Debug Postback and accordingly can take Action and get it to resolve on your own.


Reason: Click id is wrongly passed by your Advertiser.

Solution: Check whether your advertiser has replaced CLICK_ID with there macro in the Postback, let’s say your advertiser is using Trackier panel then it should be like click_id={p1}.


Reason: When you are tracking upsells/  coming from same click id

Solution: Add txn_id=UNIQUE_ID, where UNIQUE_ID/ LEAD_ID need to be replaced by your advertiser if they don’t have any macro for that use RANDOM


Reason: You have shared Postback with other Advertiser Security Token or have Space or missed some value.

Solution: Match the security token with the one you have shared with the Advertiser and after correcting it share the correct one.

You will find security token in the postback like this &security_token=b50346a1c529c82dac33


Reason: You have passed the wrong goal value to the advertiser in a postback.

Solution: Check whether you have passed the correct goal_value in the postback.

In below image you can see how to add goal value that needs to be passed in postback &goal_value=af_testing

When it is Success?

If you find ”  – –  ” it means there is no Error and everything working fine.

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