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In Trackier Panel Network can Manage campaign very easily with the tools provided there. We have provided Bulk Action and Filter such a way that Network can save a lot of time.

Bulk Action

As the Name suggests Bulk action helps you to take bulk action of a similar task in one go, just check the box corresponding to the campaigns and click on bulk action and apply the needed action.


  • Active – It will Make the Status of the Campaign Active.
  • Pause – It will Make the Status of the Campaign Pause.
  • Disable- It will Make the Status of the Campaign Disable, it is similar to Pause but basic different is if you make any changes in Disable campaign it will not get Active automatically.
  • Delete – It Will Delete the Campaign From the Mange Page.
  • Make Public – This will Change the Visibility of the campaign to Publis that means, all publisher can see and generate tracking link.
  • Make Permission Required –  This will Make the Campaign visibility to Permission required.
  • Assign Publisher (Private Campaign) – For the Campaign visibility set to Private, you can assign bulk Private campaign to a single Publisher in one go, with this option.
  • Assign Categories – This will help you to set Categories to the Campaign, so that similar campaign Group as one, this feature will also very helpful in using SmartLink

These Options will surely Save a lot of time.

Campaign Filter

Campaign Filter helps you to filter out the campaign as per the need so that in millions of offer you can find needed one quickly.


  • Campaign ID – You can search long and Short Campaign ID here.
  • Title –  You can search campaign with there title.
  • Category – You can filter campaign on the basis of their Category
  • Advertiser – You can filter campaign on the basis of the Advertiser
  • Campaign Type – You can filter campaign on the basis of the Advertiser.
    • Imported – Those campaigns which are fetched from the API.
    • Manual – Those campaigns which are added Manually.
  • Objective – Objective of the Campaigns i.e CPA, CPS, CPI, CPC, CPM and CPL
  • Status – Status of the campaign Active/Pause/Pending and Disabled.
  • Geo – Geo of the Campaign.
  • Visibility – Visibility of the campaign i.e Public/Private and Permission required
  • Device –  Device of the campaign allowed.
  • OS – OS allowed in the campaign
  • External Offer ID – That offer ID which is Available on the platform through which it is fetched via API.
  • Min Payout – You can set Min payout and campaign above that will be filtered out.
  • Max Payout – You can set Max payout and campaign below that will be filtered out.

These are the option will help you to do the task as quickly as possible.

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