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Campaign settings in Trackier allow you to customize campaign based on requirement eg, campaign access, CAP, Landing pages etc


You can Edit campaign settings from the campaign info page. Click on Edit, you will Find Following Option.

  1. Basic
  2. Landing Pages
  3. CAP
  4. Postback Setting 
Now you can add Publisher in Postback Setting to allow or block goal and default postback as per need, by default everyone receives postback if Postback is set in Publisher Postback/Pixel



1. Campaign Visibility

Campaign Visibility defines its access to publishers, Trackier allows you three types of visibility

  1. Public – Campaign accessible to all your publishers
  2. Private – Campaign accessible to only selected publishers
  3. Permission Requested – Campaign visible to all but publishers need to apply to run it

If you have selected private/permission requested as Campaign visibility you will see a Private access card on the Campaign info page, select/unselect publisher to provide them access or remove it.

Campaign_publisher2. UTM Tracking/Append URL

UTM Tracking/Append URL system automatically add the values specified here to the default redirect URL.

For example. you can set ‘?utm_source=affiliate’ and it will be added
3. Allow Spillover Conversions

If Cap is exceeded then what to do with the spillover conversions.
Default Action: Cancel

4. Conversion Hold Period (Optional)

This setting will help you to make the delay in postback sent to the publisher, You just need to add Hours and automatically after that time Postback is sent to them.

5. Cancel Fallback Traffic Conversions

Conversions happening from fallback traffic are by default marked as approved. Enable this setting to mark them as cancelled so that affiliate does not see them in their dashboard

6. Redirect Type
  • 302 (default)
  • 302 with Hiding referrer
  • 200 OK
  • 200 with Hiding referrer
302 redirect with hidden referrer- your domain is used instead of the traffic source (supported by not all browsers)
Redirection type set campaign level > redirection typeset on an Advertiser level.
Use 302 with hiding referrer for google ads and 200 with hiding referrer for other methods to hide referral completely.
7. Deep Link

Enable/Disable Deep Link option while generating a tracking link.

8. Cancel Conversion for Blocked Postback

This will Cancel those conversions in Trackier Publisher Panel for which you have blocked the Postback.

9. Allow Impression

This will allow click Impression in tracking URL and after that, you can enter Advertiser impression tracking URL

Landing Pages

Many times, your campaigns will have more than one landing page where you want to send traffic to. You might want to A/B test your landing pages to see which one converts better, or have different payouts for each landing page that your traffic lands on.

Instead of creating a new campaign for each landing page, you can add multiple URLs to one offer. Each URL can allow the publishers to designate what URL they want to send traffic to.

If you are setting Landing Page, You can set CAP on it, the feature is very helpful when you are running a campaign in the same country but targeting different user segment.

Enable Landing Pages

Go to Customize > Campaigns from the top menu and enable landing page and hit save.


Create a Landing Page

Open any Campaign and click on Edit on Settings Card. Click Add Landing Page to create Landing Page

  • Title set the title for that landing page.
  • Preview URL Enter preview URL here.
  • Destination URL Enter finals URL here.
  • Status You can set Active and Pause Landing page, this will help you to set CAP on the landing page.
  • Targeting Rule You can set rule basis of country, region, and city.
  • Rule Value Enter the country, region, and city name.
  • Description (optional) You can add a note for internal purpose.
You can select multiple rule values (Press enter after typing any value)


Landing Page Tracking URL

You can now generate a unique landing page tracking URL by selecting landing page in Tracking Link box of Campaign Info page.


When you have set Geo targeting in the Landing page, Tracking Link automatically redirected to that Landing Page automatically when a user from that geo click on the tracking link.

Random Landing Page URL

To Randomly select a landing page URL from the existing campaign landing pages during redirect please add ?random_url=1 option at the end of tracking link.


Either you can select Random Landing Page or a specific both options at one are not supported
Example :

Landing Pages Report

To check the performance of Landing pages for Campaign or Publisher go to Campaign or Publisher report and select landing page from Report Filter.


Postback Setting (For Publisher)

Go to Particular Campaign Setting > Postback Setting
This will helps you to control postback that needs to be sent to the publisher, read below to learn how this work.

Here you can add Publisher to whom postback need to be sent

  • By default, Every Publisher will get Postback for Public Goal.
  • If you add any Publisher In “BLOCK PUBLISHER” column, corresponding to Goal name, then Apart from that Publisher everyone will get Postback.
  • If you add any Publisher In “ALLOW PUBLISHER” column, corresponding to Goal name, then only that Publisher will get Postback others will not.
Please Enable Conversion + Goal or Goal as per need In Publisher Postback, Click Here to learn more

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