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After the successful launch of OffersOptimize Our link check tool, we have added certain important hop rules which help Networks to keep a check on the offer fetching via API on the Trackier panel. with this integration, you have the opportunity to:

  • Pause Automatically offer who is not redirecting to a final offer
  • Pause those offer whose Preview URL and Tracking URL are Mismatches
  • Pause Offer higher than certain Hop value.

Integrate Offers Optimize with Trackier

You need to signup for Offers Optimize and need to add Credits to make the API test active before integration. (Contact your account manager if you have any doubt).

Once you have done the above step copy the API Key and place it in Trackier Panel. You will find API key from the Offer Optimize Panel.

Then That API key needs to be placed at Trackier Panel. Go to Integration > +Add New > Search OffersOptimize > Enter API Key

  • API KEY: Enter here API key From Offer Optimize Panel
  • Status: Active or Inactive status of the Integration
  • Max HOPS: Don’t recheck campaigns having offers greater than max hops set here.

Example: If you set 4 here then when offer are checked OO will not check those offer which are above 4 HOPS this will save your credits as well.

Setting HOP rule inside each Integration

Go to Integration > Particular Integration you have already made live > Advance Setting

  • HOPS: If campaign redirects more than the specified HOPS, then the system will automatically disable those offer.

Logs And Stats of OffersOptimize

Here you can have graphical stats of link-based on

  • Passed Those offer which is passed all the hop condition and with working Link.
  • Broken_Link Advertiser Tracking link is not working
  • Hops_Exceeded Hops are more than specified in the particular Integration
  • Preview_URL_Mismatch Preview URL and Final URL not matched.

Then you have graphs for offer falls in the number hops category.

Hops Filter In Trackier

You can set the min and max hops value and campaign will be filtered out on that basis.

Here you can see HOPS column N/A means hops are not checked due to a broken link, preview URL mismatched, API is not fetched.

In case you have any issue please mail us at

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