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Campaign URL is where the traffic is redirected to track visitor clicks, it is the starting point for tracking conversions and Goals. There is no limit for URL length with Trackier

Campaign URL passes information of clicks from Trackier to your advertiser through Macros (Tracking Values), Macros are parts of the URL in brackets that our system uses to fill in entries, like {click_id} for a session’s click ID. You can also pass values like campaign IDs, publisher sub IDs, and various mobile device identifiers through to the landing page of the advertiser.

Passing Tracking Values

Many advertisers require to pass some values like click_id, publisher id, gaid etc parameters to their URL this can be done by using Tracking Values (Macros) they are the word enclosed in curly brackets like this {publisher_id} etc.

You can use any number of tracking values(Macros) supported by Trackier in your advertiser campaign URL.

Example- Advertiser Tracking URL{publisher_id} 



S2S Integration

If your advertiser supports s2s Integration and you want to receive every conversion from advertiser software then, pass our Trackier {click_id} macro in their campaign URL which you can get through Trackier Global postback URL set at advertiser panel.



All Tracking Values (Macros)

{campaign_id}/{camp_id}Long Id/Short Id of Campaign{campaign_title}Title of Campaign
{aff_id}Hash ID of Publisher running the Campaign{aff_name}, {aff_username}Name/Username of Publisher running the Campaign
{publisher_id}Short Display Id of the publisher{region}State/City of the Click generated IP
{adv_id}ID of Advertiser for which the campaign is running{tdomain}Tracking domain on which the Campaign Runs
{click_id}Unique ID of Click Event Recorded{click_time}Timestamp for the Click Event
{p1}, {p2}, {p3}, {p4}, {p5}Tracking Parameter’s which was appended in tracking url{device_id}Device ID For App Installs Campaign
{payout} or {sale_amount}Payout/Sale amount in Default Currency(ONLY in CALLBACKS)





{payout_usd} or {sale_amount_usd}Payout/Sale amount in USD for the Campaign (ONLY in CALLBACKS)
{user_agent}Browser on which the Click Event occured{referer}Referring Domian for the Click Event
{country_id}2 Digit Country ID{ip}, {conversion_ip}Click IP of User, Conversion IP of User
{sub1}, {sub2}, {sub3}, {sub4}, {sub5}, {sub6}, {sub7}, {sub8}, {sub9}, {sub10}Tracking Parameter’s which was appended in image pixel url{conversion_id}Conversion Id of the record of any Conversion, Sale, Goal etc
{random}7-15 Digit number randomly selected{conversion_date}, {conversion_datetime}, {conversion_time}Conversion Date and Time
{isp}Internet Service Provider{os}Operating System

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