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SmartLink is a link which contains various offer, and through one link you can send traffic to each and every offer according to the percentage you set
Basically, you are assuring that every click will be monetized and none will get lost along the way, due to possible incorrect geo/device/operator, etc filtering.
For example, if there are some clicks that are not from your target countries, it will be delivered to another corresponding offer which needs the clicks in that country.
This Feature is Available in our Agency Plan and above.

How to Create a Smart Link

On dashboard right menu SmartLink > Create

Smart link


  • Name – Give Any Name to the Smart Link.
  • Category –  Select Campaign Category that you had made, click here to learn more.
  • Description – Enter the Description about the link, it will be visible to Publisher.
  • Postback – Select to Enable or Disable Postback
  • Allowed Publisher – By default all are allowed, if you add any publisher in Allowed that publisher will be allowed and other will be blocked.
  • Blocked Publisher –  When you add Publisher in this that publisher will be blocked to use a link and other are allowed.
  • Status – Link status Active / Pending / Disabled.
  • Targeting – If you check any of this, SmartLink will check the targeting set for city, Region, OS, and Carrier and accordingly divert traffic.
  • Type – If you select Category all the traffic will be divided according to offers, but when you select Manual you have the ability to set the traffic percentage as per your experience.

When you select manual You will see this option.

In Manual Select Country Targeting Check, it will check click country and SmartLink will transfer click to the available geo campaign otherwise sed it to fallback URL



Now you can select Campaign as per your need by clicking on +ADD New, With percentage, you can set how much traffic particular offer will get, and click Save

Percentage is calculated out of 100% and it will change accordingly if you change any offer percentage but will keep the sum to 100
You can use the Manual when you want to divide traffic as per your need, otherwise, in a Category, the system will optimize for maximum utilization of traffic automatically.

Generating SmartLink

On dashboard right menu SmartLink > Link Generate

Smart Link: Generate

  • Link Name – Search Link Name you had Created
  • Publisher – Select publisher
  • Source – Add Source of traffic for the publisher
  • Smart Link – Here Link Is Generated
  • Change Tracking Domain – Check this option above submit to change the SmartLink tracking domain.

Manage SmartLinks

You Can Manage SmartLinks By going on SmartLink > Manage

Smart link: Manage

You can Edit, Delete, Generate And Add a new link from this page, also you can keep track of all the smart link.

SmartLink Report

Go to Custom Report in filter select SmartLink

Custom report

Once you select SmartLink and required Filter Options report will be generated.

Custom Report

Here you will find SmartLink name corresponding to campaign name on which traffic came via SmartLink

If you set landing pages in the campaign with geo then SmartLink will check that geo and landing page opens otherwise default one will open
Ask your Account Manager to activate SmartLink reporting.

In case you have any issue please mail us at

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