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Adjust is the mobile Attribution platform, you can integrate Trackier with Adjust and check the performance of the offer with all the KPI and Boost your ROI.

Step 1

Be ready with your install and event postback which you will find in the Trackier panel. Go To Profile and there you will your Network Level Global Postback, this postback can be used as Network level.

So your Install and Event postback will look like.

Global Install Postback:{click_id}&security_token=SECURITY_TOKEN&idfa={idfa}&gaid={gaid}

Global In-App Event Postback:{click_id}&security_token=SECURITY_TOKEN&goal_value={goal_value}&idfa={idfa}&gaid={gaid}

SECURITY_TOKEN is the unique security token name provided by Trackier.
goal_value= Set as Event Tag in the Adjust dashboard for each app by the advertiser – this is the actual in-app event name from the application

Step 2

Open the Adjust partner link

Step 3

Add the tracking link provided you by the Adjust Advertiser client in the 1 box on the Adjust Partner page This how Adjust Advertiser Link looks like

Add Install Postback in the box which says Install and Event Postback which says event.

For Event Enter event Postback in the callback and Any Goal value (eg: Purchase, FTD, Sale, gameplay, etc) in Token.

only 6 character Long goal value is allowed in the Token

Place Holders Are automatically filled with


Now, Copy the link from Generated URLs

Step 4

Now create a campaign in Trackier with the link which is generated by Adjust.
You also need to add Goal in the Trackier and need to keep the same Goal_value which you had used in Token while creating Adjust Url.
Now test the camp check Advertiser Debug Postback to check if everything is alright, after that you can take the campaign live.

In case you have any issue please mail us at

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