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Tracking Value or Macros are special tokens which replace the value in Campaign URL or Publisher PostBack URL.

For example, the macro {ip} will be replaced by visitors IP say

Trackier supports all mobile with Custom macros which you can create your own depending on your needs.

All Tracking Values (Macros)

{camp_id}Short Id of Campaign{adv_id}Long Advertiser ID
{campaign_id}Long Hashed Id of Campaign{advertiser_id}Short advertiser ID
{campaign_title}Title of Campaign{advertiser_name}Advertiser Name
{publisher_id}ID of Publisher who is running the Campaign{tdomain}Tracking domain on which the Campaign Runs
{aff_name}, {aff_username}Name/Username of Publisher running the Campaign{click_id}Unique ID of Click Event Recorded
{aff_id}Long Publisher Id (24 Characters){click_time}Timestamp for the Click Event
{source}Sub Publisher ID{click_datetime}Date Time for the Click Event (Y-m-d H:i:s) in account timezone
{region}State/City of the Click generated IP{gaid}Google Advertising ID MACRO
{android_id}Android Device ID Macro{idfa}Apple Identifier For Advertising
{app_id}, {app_name}Get App ID, App name from tracking link and pass it to your advertiser{payout} or {sale_amount}Payout/Sale amount in Default Currency (ONLY in CALLBACKS)
{creative_name}Get the creative name in tracking link and pass it to your advertiser{payout_usd} or {sale_amount_usd}Payout/Sale amount in USD for the Campaign (ONLY in CALLBACKS)
{p1}, {p2}, {p3}, {p4}, {p5}, {p6}, {p7}, {p8}, {p9}, {p10}Tracking Parameter’s which was appended in tracking url{user_agent}Browser on which the Click Event occured
{device_id}Device ID For App Installs Campaign (ONLY in POSTBACK){referer}Referring Domian for the Click Event
{conversion_id}Conversion Id of the record of any Conversion, Sale, Goal etc{country_id}2 Digit Country ID
{random_100}Get a random number between 0 to 100. You can use this to generate multiple publisher ids like: pub_{random_100} in campaign URL{ip}, {conversion_ip}Click IP of User, Conversion IP of User
{random}7-15 Digit number randomly selected{sub1}, {sub2}, {sub3}, {sub4}, {sub5}, {sub6}, {sub7}, {sub8}, {sub9}, {sub10}Tracking Parameter’s which was appended in image pixel url
{conversion_date}, {conversion_datetime}, {conversion_time}Conversion Date and Time{os}Operating System
{isp}Internet Service Provider{goal_id}, {goal_title}, {goal_value}Goal ID, Goal Title, Goal Value (ONLY IN POSTBACK)
{imp_id} macro can be used to track and pass impression id to the advetiser impression URL.

Placing Macro In Campaign URL

  • Macro – In Trackier macros are inside {}, these are the value which is changed when link run and passed in the parameter
  • Parameter – These are the where macro value is passed when link runs.

Advertiser Parameter= {Trackier_Macro}

lets say 3rd party click id paramter is aff-sub then in Campaign URL you will set like this.{click_id}&offer_id={camp_id}&adv_name={advertiser_name}&adv_id={advertiser_id}&click_dt={click_datetime}

so here {click_id}, {camp_id}, {advertiser_name}, {advertiser_id}, {click_datetime} are Trackier Macro Which is passed in aff_sub, offer_id, adv_name, adv_id, click_dt are Advertiser Parameter.

Placing Macro In Publisher Postback URL

Publisher_Parameter = Trackier _Macro

let’s say 3rd party click id macro is transaction_id then in Publisher Postback will set like this.{p1}

so here trasaction_id are Publisher ParameterWhich is passed in {p1} which is Trackier Macro.

Creating new Tokens

It is a  feature in Trackier platform only where you can add as many tracking values tokens you need apart from the existing tracking parameters like {sub1}, {txn_id} etc.

Go to Customize and Enable Custom Dimension from Tracking Page and hit save, Now a new menu link will appear in left custom dimension. Enter Name to add a new custom field and hit save.

Custom Dimension- Trackier

Example to use custom dimension:{click_id}&security_token=b50346a1c529c82dac33&

I have used email as a custom dimension, for every custom dimension created its corresponding tracking value is also created in example email is custom dimension its tracking value will be {email}

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